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FilmTout's Background

Founded in 2022, FilmTout (short for "Your Internet Video") is the premier search & discovery platform for TV shows and movies. We are a fast-growing, profitable startup with over 40k monthly users accessing content from over 50+ different content providers across FilmTout's top ranked iOS, Android, Kindle, and web apps.

FilmTout is an online video guide and news update that allows you to easily search & discover over 1+ million TV Shows and Movies across hundreds of premium free and paid content services like Netflix, Hulu & Amazon all in one place. Available in both the iOS and Android app stores, FilmTout transforms your phone, tablet and TV into a personal on demand home theater giving you the ability to watch anything, anywhere.

Our Team

Senior Marketing Manager

Shariful Islam is a Senior Marketing Manager for FlimTout.com, a streaming movie and TV platform. He oversees the marketing strategy, campaigns, and digital initiatives of the company. He is dedicated to delivering outstanding results with his creative and innovative ideas.

Content Writer

Rojoni Akther is an experienced content writer for FlimTout.com, specializing in film reviews, interviews and news. She has written for various outlets, such as The Guardian, BBC, and Entertainment Weekly. Rojoni is passionate about film and has an excellent eye for detail.

SEO Expert

Yakub Ali is an experienced SEO expert for FlimTout.com. He has knowledge in optimizing websites for search engine visibility and driving organic traffic. He has a strong background in keyword research, content creation, and link building. Yakub is passionate about helping clients reach their digital marketing goals.

Data Analysis Specialist

Ariful Islam is a data analysis specialist for FlimTout.com, a leading online streaming platform. He specializes in analyzing user data to identify trends, optimize user experience and develop strategies to increase revenue. He is highly knowledgeable in statistical analysis, data mining, machine learning and data visualization.

SEO Expert

Biplob Hosain is an SEO expert working for FlimTout.com. He specializes in organic search engine optimization, web analytics and website optimization. He has experience in keyword research, content writing, and link building to help businesses increase their online visibility and sales.